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How Adorable is she???

How adorable is she??? Ended up with 60 adorable images! She was such a good girl during the entire cake smash… She was happy the entire time and loved the cake! Here are just a few from this cute session. 

Baby Zain

I Absolutely LOVE Photographing newborns… This little munchkin was only a few weeks old, but he was quite a big boy…Alert, and eager to see everything around him. It took a while before he settled and fell asleep, but I didn’t mind at all as I got to spend more time with him and his… Read more »

So Adorable

This little guy came to my studio with his parents and his grandma, for some Christmas photos.  At first he wanted no part of it what so ever… But eventually… He liked me!!! I love my job, I get to roll around on the floor and play not too many people can say that about… Read more »

cake Smash

I just love cake smashes. You never know how a baby will react to the whole experience. The best ones are the messiest ones! Like little Emme, she had a blast with the cake, it ended up all over her, the backdrop, the wall, the balloons, the carpet, her mom and me. But the images… Read more »

Emme’s Christening

I was so fortunate to be able to photograph this beautiful little girls Christening.  What a perfect day.  The reception was held at Discovery museum in Bridgeport, I had never been there before what a great place to hold a party.      

Adorable sisters

I absolutely love these two beauties <3 <3 <3 They are adorable, and for being 2 and 7 months, they were awesome!!! They never complained even though there were bugs flying around everywhere. 🙂 these are ONLY A FEW of the images captured that day!   

Double Baptism

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday with this beautiful family.  The Baptism took place at St. George’s Church in Norwalk and the babies were cousins.  They were both so good during the entire ceremony and both gorgeous. I felt so honored that they let me share in the=is beautiful day with them.     … Read more »