Christmas Card

This Real Estate group likes to send out Christmas cards to all their clients, they are great sports… 

Headshot white we were at it 🙂


Mom and her boys

This mom and her 3 sons were such a pleasure to photograph, the weather and foliage were just perfect. 

Baby Shower / Party!!

We have photographed a lot of different parties, and baby showers, however I can’t say we have ever photographed such a FUN bunch of people.  This was more the just a baby shower… it was a full blown Celebration…. this little girl is so lucky to be born into this fun loving family.




So I have been VERY busy between family, headshots, events and especially real estate photography. I never can keep up with this blog 🙁 these headshots were taken back in June! Here is a sample….


Quarantine Family Photoshoot

This family was just wonderful to photograph. Twins are normally not this easy. They were just perfect. Mom is a nurse and along with a regualr family photoshoot she wanted to document this trying time. I think we did just that. 




Quarantine Graduation..

2020 Is the year we will never forget… We had Covid -19 a deadly virus that literally changed our lives and had us in lockdown for months! No one could go anywhere, kids home from school adults working from home…everything closed accept essential stores like grocery and pharmacies.  But through it all Life was still going….milestone birthdays were happening, babies were born, and people were graduating.  Maybe not it the same carefree, extravagant way,  but different more socially distant ways wearing masks that would be the norm for a while to come.  This beautiful young lady graduated from UCONN and they celebrated with a graduation parade.