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Maternity Shoot on the Beach in January!

Really! This shoot took place in January on  Short Beach in Stratford, CT!   At first when I spoke with Melissa I thought this will never work, the temperature had been in the single digits for weeks.  How can she go to the beach and strip down…she’ll freeze.  So we waited and watched the temp… Read more »

-Sneak Peek- Maternity Photo Shoot

This photo-shoot took place at the beach in Stratford last weekend.  Yes CT in Jan.  It was cold!                                          So worth it though…Here are just a few.  More to come!


Ahhhhh Marina, how adorable she is.  This photo shoot was a bit exhausting.  She was FULL of energy!  being just shy of 2 I knew what I was getting into when I got there 😉 .  She was laughing then crying, then running and climbing, she was playing and hiding, and throwing and screaming, she… Read more »

-Sneak Peek-

OK….So I am not anywhere near finishing edits on this shoot, but she is so adorable I couldn’t wait!This one….well it was just for fun! 🙂

Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of The Year!

I LOVE Christmas! It’s the only holiday where I go crazy decorating,  it takes me 3 days to decorate just the inside of my house.  My husband does the outside and he can normally get it done in a day.  I have always loved it, and have collected ornaments for as long as I can… Read more »

She is such a cutie… :)

  This is my niece she is such a cuteee,  we had so much fun doing this shoot. She is all business when it comes to the camera, being a dancer and on stage all the time she is use to getting her photo taken.  She wants to be in and out as soon a… Read more »

-Sneak Peek-

–Couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of this Holiday photo-shoot –