Beautiful Couple

I had so much fun with this absolutely adorable couple!! We ended up with so many images I had the hardest time choosing “just a few” for this post.  I can’t wait until their wedding day! 



Twin Brooks Park in the Winter

Sometimes living in CT it’s difficult to find a place that would be perfect for outdoor family portraits.  No leaves on the trees no real sunshine, no vibrant colors, bland backgrounds.  However Twin Brooks in Trumbull always works out great!  Even on a cold dreary day in late Dec. I Love this park in all seasons! It was really cold and slippery so we couldn’t go too far into the park, however we really didn’t need too… love these. 43 copy

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23-copy 21 copy 17-copy 15 copy 11-copy 4 copy

Linda- Headshots

My home studio is the best place for head shots.

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Aiden-and her pets

This is Aiden, and all her pets.  This is the 3rd. photoshoot I have had with Aiden, but this time I got to take some photos of her pets as well.  A horse, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, a dog, a rooster,  ducks- from all these pets …her favorite is a duck! That’s right a duck!!  I have to admit he is VERY cool! He runs after her, and sits next to her and even wants her to pick him up.  He was so funny it felt as though he was posing for the camera!!


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Traditional Christmas photos

These 2 beauties and their gorgeous mom love the traditional Christmas studio photos.  It’s so nice through the years to watch these 2 mature from little girls to wonderful young ladies. 26-copy

12-copy 18-copy 16-copy 14-copy 21-copy 27-copy 5-copy

Yearly Christmas session

Every Year for 5 years now I have been photographing this beauty.  She is such a little doll, always ready to smile.  She picked out her own outfits this w=year so it was extra special for her.  She did an amazing job.  Here are a few from that session.10 copy

11 copy 8 copy


24 copy 19 copy


29 copy 28 copy 27 copy


34 copy 36 copy 39 copy




One of my absolute favorites

So I absolutely LOVE these 2!!! I have been photographing them for years and it seems that they get more adorable every year!  I mean really just look at a fraction of the images from that day …5 copy

1 copy 7 copy


8 copy 10 copy 20 copy 18 copy 23Fun copy 24 copy 26 copy 27 copy 33 copy 35 copy 40 copy 43-copy 47-copys 51 copy