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Great kids

This was a great afternoon I spent photographing these kids (siblings & cousins) in a beautiful park in Weston. Perfect weather always helps.

Baby Showers

I love baby showers!!! They are so much fun to see all the cute little clothes and toys.  Photographing them always puts a smile on my face…But this on in particular one was extra special as Alex is my cousin and we were all waiting patiently to meet this little one!  

My Favorites from 2011-2012

As I continue to sort out my computer, I am looking through some older pics… and finding more of my favorites…. these are some from 2011-2012.  I will be adding more to this as soon as I am done re-editing them. 

Throwback – 2009-2010

Reorganizing my Photo Files I started looking through them all…It’s so cool to see how much I have learned and how different my images are now compared to back then.  I have a few images that are my favorites and I wanted to post them.  Keep a look out I will continue to post images  until I… Read more »

***New York Skyline***

Once in a while as a photographer you take a photo, that makes you just go WOW.  This shot didn’t quite do that straight out of the camera, but I looked at it and thought that there were possibilities. I went to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center to shoot the skyline.  The weather wasn’t… Read more »

Before and After

It’s no surprise I love photography, I love everything about it.  I love the people I meet, the locations I shoot, the creativity of a photo shoot, the complexity of the camera and lenses. Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, F-Stop, Prime lenses, Zoom lenses, Macro Lenses, Megapixels, RAW, JPEG,  PNG, Lighting, Automatic, Manual, Shutter Priority….I could go… Read more »

Trying Something New…

Ok so this year, my goal is to try new things… Everything and anything photography related. So every-time I have a little down time I will be posting some unique photos I will be shooting and editing. This is something I have always wanted to try to do, a Composite Image! These 3 were my first… Read more »