Monthly Archives: May 2014

U10 Soccer

So turns out I LOVE sports photography!  I had no idea 🙂 I think I love it so much because of the new lens… or maybe the action of it all.  This is my younger sons soccer team. they are all so enthusiastic, so passionate about the game and winning you can see it all… Read more »


My son had these crayons laying around the house, so after collecting them all I remembered the saying I had heard about living life in full color.  So I pulled out the camera… and my macro extension.  Being a photographer everything turns into an image in my mind.  This is what my minds eyes saw… Read more »

My New Lens!!!!

Yes I did it again!!! I just couldn’t resist! I went out and bought the latest and greatest Canon zoom lens!!  I am so excited!  I could not wait to use it and see what it can do!  It’s a great portrait/wedding lens but it’s main use is for landscape and action shots!  What an… Read more »