OK most teenagers don’t like having their photos taken…mine sure don’t especially on a cold day.  These two were no exception… I can’t say I blame them it was early on a Saturday and it was COLD! Although they were far from thrilled,  by the end they seemed like they had a good time…(well kind of) LOL

2 Beauties

I have photographed these two beautiful sisters for years. . Every year they get even more stunning. 


She is a little fashion model!

There aren’t any words for this little girl other then perfect! I have been photographing her since she was a newborn so she knows the camera very well. Every shot with her is so much fun even when it’s 40 degrees outside she is a trooper!  Just look at these shots! Just perfect! I wish I could post ALL the images… 

We had a great time!!

Business Head-shots

It’s always a good idea to have updated head-shots… whether it’s for a business card, website, linkedin, Twitter, facebook,  instagram, brochures —I can go on but I think you have the idea.  🙂 

So Adorable

This little guy came to my studio with his parents and his grandma, for some Christmas photos.  At first he wanted no part of it what so ever… But eventually… He liked me!!! I love my job, I get to roll around on the floor and play not too many people can say that about their job 🙂 !! 

Love these 2

Love these two, they are so photogenic and so much fun to photograph!! I LOVE every single picture!! Here is just a few….

The “F” family

This is the second year I have had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family. This year we decided on Boothe park in Stratford.  The weather was nice for November. Although all the leaves were off the trees and the colors we not as vibrant, we had fun playing in the leaves!