The “R” Family -Cascades Fairfield CT.

I LOVE this family, they are wonderful.  Such a pleasure to hang out with and photograph.  This shoot took place at the Cascades in Fairfield, it was later it the afternoon so it got dark on us pretty quickly.  The kids were great,  Eleni loved the camera,  Petro on the other hand, just wanted to explore .  But then again if I were 2 I would too- so many things to see, touch, hide and run through!!!  IMG_6284                                                                                                                    Such a beautiful Family35657215a1019922 I Had to edit in some purple, I think it looks great with this fall scene and her purple jacket. 584942973148  All Done…But Wait…..      I couldn’t get enough of that little face… So we added a 10 minute studio shoot 🙂  108         115108