OK so it had to be the coldest day so far this fall,  (maybe 38 degrees at most).  These 2 beautiful kids wanted no part of a  photo-shoot in this weather-can’t say I blame them, my finger may have been frozen/stuck to the camera.  Mom didn’t think we would get any shots seeing as all they wanted to do was go home and be warm 🙁 .  BUT, they actually forgot how cold they were for a few minutes and played in the leaves and playground – We managed some good ones.  you can see by the photos that even though they were COLD-they had a good time!  3b copy4b copy3in a row copy13 copy17 copy21 copy19 copy20 copy24 copy49 copy38 copyNot sure which one I liked better….Color or Black and White….27 copy7 copyShe is so thinking..I WANT TO GO HOME… 🙁30 copy36 copy42 copy60 copy65 copy45 copySO DONE….LOL