Toughest photo-shoot EVER!

lSo they say a photographer NEVER has pictures of their own families…. This is SO TRUE!  It is so much easier and  and rewarding to take photos of other families -we are very patient when it’s not our own kids!

My kids (and husband) will not let me take pictures of them…EVER.  I think they are so tired of me having a camera in my hands at all times, that they run when they see me coming with that look on my face 🙂  So I rarely ever even try anymore….however Christmas time is a different story. It took weeks for me to coax my kids into letting me take pictures for a Christmas card.  I had to promise all sorts of things just to get them to come into the room where the Christmas tree is. Then once they got there all they wanted to do was escape and go about their merry way.

The only one in the family that does not  seem to mind is the dog, I believe he actually enjoys posing for photos. Or as my husband seems to think he may be too scared by my aggravated  demeanor to misbehave!  Whatever the case,  he sits or lays down where ever I ask him too and waits patiently -while the kids make faces, argue, complain and give me “fake” smiles. (As you will see in the photos)  He is smart enough to realize the quicker everyone listens  the quicker we can be done.  I wish he could explain this to my lovely boys.

Anyway after almost 2 hours and a lot of  aggravation and some yelling I managed to get a few shots for the Christmas card…. The cards went out really late this year, maybe next year I should start this major project in September. 😉bacDegjmnk fi


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