Beautiful Baby Violetta

995192_562675593768877_1983397129_nNewborn photography is somewhat of a challenge.  Trying to get the “perfect” sleeping baby photo  takes time and patience.  Violetta was only 7 days old when I met her for her photo shoot, and she did NOT sleep at all! She was so alert and mostly hungry and feeding for the entire 2 hours we were together.  I did mange to get some really good “awake” baby photos though.  How could I not have she is so adorable!v2 v v7 v6 v4 v3


I Figured my first real post should be my vacation to Greece.  What an amazing opportunity for a photographer. I took over 3000 photos! From the amazing history of The acropolis, to the temple of Zeus and the beauty of the islands.   Here are just a few….Mostly done in HDR


The Parthenonsdasdas

Welcome To My Blog!

meHello all,

Thank you for stopping by. This is my first attempt at a blog, not sure how to use this other then to share my passion for photography with others! If you like what you see please check out my website and contact me. I’d love to hear from you!  Also PLEASE like my Facebook page for specials and promotions!

-Anna- 🙂